From the Energy Chef of India to the Dancing Chef of India

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is a celebrity chef from India. Also known as “Energy Chef of India” is now a “Dancing Chef Of India”. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi is one of the participants in the Jhalak Dhiklaja Season 9 Colors TV. When we asked him how did he get into the Jhalak ., he smiled and said during his childhood days he was a quiet and shy his dad used to push him in the crowd to dance
in family functions, but as he grew his liking for dance increased that’s why you can always see him dancing and sing on his show with popular lines call “Namak Shamak Namak Shamak Dal Dete Hain”

Personal Life

Hailing from North India, which, like the rest of India is rich in culture and cuisine, Chef Harpal is a music lover and is fluent in English and five Indian languages, namely Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya and Telugu. He graduated from the catering school at Bhubaneshwar, a capital of Orissa. He spent his initial years in learning different international cuisines but later realised that his interest lay in unearthing the authentic regional Indian food.


Personal Achievements

The Man who has redefined cookery shows with own style with humour and real Punjabi style which is why today his television show TURBAN TADKA happens to be the number one culinary show in India’s only 24 channel FOOD FOOD. “His fun to watch and humorous style of presentation on TV has won many a hearts across the globe.” As a brand Chef, Harpal Singh Sokhi is probably the only person in India having a spectrum of people- 2-90 years, following him on TV and The Web. My famous lines “Namaak Shamaak Namaak Shamaak Dal Dete hain Namaak Shamaak”, are a rage in the country and people recognise me by this tag line now. I feel honoured and blessed when people recognise me and thank all those people who supported me.


Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi was awarded as Best Chef of the Year in the year 2016 by National Indo-Australian Cultural by the Victorian Council Australia in October 2014, for promoting Indian food and culture in Australia.

Business Ventures

TV shows
When you eventually make a name for yourself, you start looking at how this profession can be turned into a viable business model and work around opportunities that keep coming to you. And that is why Chef Harpal decided to look beyond Television and venture into areas that made him try his skills into different things.“ He remained focused on TV in the first few years. After tasting success, people started approaching him with the idea of starting a different business model and with it started his dream project- Turban Tadka Hospitality.” Turban Tadka is a company that works around Television, digital platform, among
many other things. The company does 3 shows and all 3 of them have a unique proposition to offer to viewers; so apart from Turban Tadka, there is a travelogue – Desh da Swaad and a program for Punjabi Television Network, PTC – Punjab de Super Chef. Barring Turban Tadka, both the shows are seasoning Based


There are a series of business verticals that the company is trying to focus and grow at present – with restaurants being one of the verticals. “He has 4 restaurants – one is Twist of Tadka in Bangalore housed at Hotel Stylotel, which have opened in January
and Twist of Tadka Amritsar He has an up market restaurant Bibi Jaan in Jalandhar At Cabbana Resort, Jalandhar. Bibi Jaan is usually the name given to the Head Lady of the house during the times of Nawab. Incidentally He has been trained under Begum Mumtaaz Khan of the Jagirdar family of Hyderabad.(link). The Treasury at Cabbana Resort, Jalandhar which is and all dining restaurant which serve Cusines around the world.(link) He is also working on restaurant around QSR format also “shares Chef Sokhi. Turban Tadka Hospitality is also working with lot of food companies, trying to work out recipes for them. For instance, he has worked with Chings and has done a lot of their BTL activities. “He helps to prepare new recipes and also Drive that brand through promotions and commercials. The MD of the company helped him to get Associated with the brand called Sabi Foods
in Australia and together they formed a brand called Sabrini that deals with a line of frozen food products. Today Sabrini is a popular brand both in Australia and New Zealand.(link od Sabrini food products ) Chef Sokhi has also launched his own non-stick cookware brand– Happy Chef. The brand has both the base line and the premium line of cookware.(link) He says…….
“I am happy with whatever I have achieved in life and I am thankful to god for giving me all the power to prove myself as the worthy one”

“Namaak Shamaak Namaak Shamaak Dal Dete hain Namaak Shamaak” – Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.